Fruit doesn't get more fresh than this.

Mother nature knows best

Growing the sustainable way

We recognise that we have an impact on our surrounds. As growers, we believe in looking after and respecting the land in which we grow so that it can be a safe, healthy and sustainable source of food for the future. GVIP has invested heavily into the organics sector, allowing for customers to access organic Pears and Apples more easily.

GVIP is a Australian Certified Organic grower and supplier, with strict auditing completed on a yearly basis from the ACO. Several types of Pears and Apples varieties are grown within our organic sector.


• Packham Pears
• WBC Pears
• Corella Pears
• Pink Lady Apples
• Granny Smith Apples

Respecting the land
ACO Certified
Sustainable farming methods
Working with nature

Certified organic fruit​

Our organic farms are highly managed and audited on a yearly basis. GVIP is proud to be associated with the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) accreditation.
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